The Fernstrom Family

If you have been following me since last year two things: first, thank you! But more importantly, you will know this family already. This is the Fernstrom family. Nicole was my student council supervisor and a teacher at my high school  in 2007, and we had kept in touch via Facebook until last winter, when she asked if I would be willing to take some pictures of her family. At the time, her son Gavin had been recently diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and her family had been going through more than most can imagine. The shoot had been a wonderfully perfect winter wonderland, and we were able to not only document Gavin's journey, but document his overwhelming strength as he battled this disease. Fast forward a year, and it brings us to this wonderful session. Gavin has been in remission for the better part of 2014, and we were able to document his triumph via a family toast in the same spot that we took these pictures a year prior. It's a wonderful thing to see this perfect family so happy and healthy, and it was the perfect holiday themed shoot.

Nicole -- Thank you for letting me continue to document your family, it is always a pleasure working with you guys, and I look forward for future (hopefully warmer!) shoots to come!


For more information about Gavin, and what the Fernstrom family is doing to pay it forward, check out