The Allis

It’s a beautiful spring morning in Chicago. The air is cool and crisp; the morning light is beautifully gleaming off of the skyscrapers and Lake Michigan, and I just spent my morning shooting the sunrise from 94 floors up at the John Hancock Observatory. I am a walking zombie, and in need of a place to recharge, and by that I mean that I am in great need of my morning cup of coffee. The first place that comes to my mind is The Allis. Named after the family that commissioned this historic building in 1907, The Allis was formerly a five-story industrial warehouse in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, and reopened in 2014 as home to Soho House Chicago. If you are looking for aesthetics, you’ve just stepped into an interior designer’s dream.

An eclectic, modern and luxurious feel, with a worn-in and welcoming vibe; The Allis makes for the perfect place to catch some morning solitude, or to catch up with friends. The breakfast menu is simple and elegant—croissants, jams, and egg sandwiches—but I came today for some much needed caffeine. Brewed by Blue Bottle, the smell of freshly brewed coffee sends me into a very, very happy place. Ahhhh, caffeine: the habit I'll never kick. The only man (assuming that caffeine is indeed a strong, beautiful man) that is there for me when no one else can be, and the one that helps me make it through my work day in one piece-- you are the real MVP. But, back to The Allis/reality. JUST FREAKING LOOK AT THIS PLACE, and tell me you don't feel a deep sense of desire to sit in one of those comfortable chairs, sip on a latte, and laugh at your best friend while she asks the barista if it's okay that she takes some pictures mid-pour of her cappuccino. Coffee not your thing? There are plenty of leaf tea options (not to mention AFTERNOON TEA later in the day), juice, and cold pressed juice from Owen + Alchemy, a modern juice apothecary located in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood. One of the really awesome things about Chicago food and drink is the willingness of businesses to work together to provide customers with noteworthy dining experiences. The Allis being no exception to the rule.

Another freaking AWESOME thing about The Allis? There are two additional public restaurants within its walls, found on either side of the upper level: Chicken Shop and Pizzaeast. Both containing drool-worthy foods and similarly welcoming aesthetics. For additional information on Soho House Chicago check out